Friday, 10 May 2013

Book review- Magyk by Angie Sage


Magyk, I think is an absolutely brilliant book. It is about a family call the Heaps. One night while Silas Heap is returning from collecting herbs for his new born seventh son, (Silas is a seventh son) he discovers a baby girl in the bushes freezing cold. He decides that the family will have to make room for one more. When he gets back, he finds the midwife holding his son wrapped head to toe in bandages. "Dead" she wails and barges past him. When Silas gets through the door, he find seven pairs of terrified eyes unblinking at him. Sarah Heap through teary eyes says "Septimus is dead an they've taken him. Silas pulls out the baby girl and places her into the hands of Sarah. Sarah bursts into a shroud of tears. Will they find out who the baby girl is, and the cause of Septimus's death? Find out in this epic quest of good, evil and mystery.

"Her yarn scoots along like a dragon boat with the wind in its sails" Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times.

"Absolutely fantastic. The best book I've ever read" Matthew Swain, The Boy Reader.

"Full of hurtle paced humour" The Telegraph.

"A real discovery" Amanda Craig. The Times.

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