Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Darke by Angie Sage

Septimus Heap, extraordinary apprentice is about to enter his most dangerous week yet. You might think he has gone through quite a lot already, but nothing can compare from what he is about to face, and what he is about to face is... his Darke Week. But while he is preparing, a powerful force is growing in the castle, wreaking havoc, and smothering every light in it's path... and to make things even worse, Marcia has accidentally Banished Alther to the Darke Halls. Can Septimus and crew get rid of the powerful Darke force, and find and defeat the culprit, and rescue Alther, and pass Septimus's Darke Week as well! Find out in this magical (or should it be magykal?:) ) adventure in the 6th (but no worse!) book.

The Boy Reader rates this book:
***** stars

Here are some comments:

"Full of hurtle-paced humor!" Telegraph

" A real discovery!" Amanda Craig, The Times

" Can't understand why anyone wouldn't want to read it!" Matthew Swain, The Boy Reader

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