Friday, 22 January 2016

Magic Ink by Steve Cole

As I was waiting for some books to come from the library I decided to read this short and easy book. It was only when I was well into reading it I realized that it was my brothers book that he got for Christmas (he let me carry on reading it though), but either way it was a good read.

Stew Penders is a comic book fanatic with a humongous collection of superhero comic books and he longs to become his very own hero,STUPENDOUS MAN!!! (Stew Penders, stupendous get it?).However he is
just an ordinary boy, in an ordinary house, with ordinary friends in the United States of Ordinariness. When his Grandad dies leaving the house to Stew's dad, the family move in. Stew moves away from everything he's ever known and moves into his grandad’s strange, unfamiliar house. Suddenly things become distinctly un-ordinary. In the middle of the first night his family find a pig in a 3-piece-suit running around the house. The second day he find's that the pig can talk and has been drawn with magic ink. The third day he talks to Merlin, the very first comic book artist and Merlin charges him with the task of rescuing him from his deadly prison by drawing him some comic book heroes. 
Yep, you can already tell it's going to be a mad, bonkers, completely over the top book...
And... your right.

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