Saturday, 22 September 2012

Fantastic books to read

1) Harry Potter. Great for adults and children so parents can read them together(including my Dad). Harry Potter is left on the doorstep by a mysterious man. He learns how to play quidditch at school which is a school of witchcraft and wizardry. He is nearly killed in a heated battle by an evil assassin.  A fantastic series of six books in total packed full of fun ,adventure and jokes.
2) The Brilliant World of Tom Gates. A hilarious book winning the Roald Dahl funny prize award and the 2012 Shrewsbury Book Feast award. A great book if you want a laugh.
3) The last dragon chronicles. A thrilling and mysterious series which are extremely good. Based on a boy named David, who is given a special dragon when he goes to live at Liz and Lucy's house, but is there more to this dragon that meets the eye?

4) Diary of a Wimpy Kid. A diary based series of books written by Gregg a middle school student who tells us about his life at school and at home.

5) Beast Quest. These books started me on my reading journey. The hero is Tom and in each book he goes on a quest to defeat a beast, along with his best friend Ellena and two trusty animal companions Storm the horse and Silver the wolf. Together nothing can stand in there way. Great stories to read if you are not a confident reader.

6) Horrid Henry. These books are easy to read and are really funny. Horrid Henry has absolutely horrid parents, a perfect brother called Peter, a moody neighbour called Margeret and a stuck up cousin named Steve. Henry really a has got a truly horrid life (this is according to Henry!).

I was originally going to do the top 5 but I just couldn't decide 5 so I went with 6.




  1. Hi Matthew, someone mentioned your blog on Twitter - what a great idea, you write very well too. As an ancient 45 year old 'girl', can I recommend some books I enjoyed as a tomboy when I was your age? I don't know if the libraries stock them, but you may spot some second hand. The Just William books - I still read them - and a series of books about two brothers who go round the world studying animals and zoology, by Willard Price, the 'Adventure' series - Underwater Adventure, Whale Adventure and so on. I think there is a new series coming out soon about them, a fresh take on them, continuing their lives, written by Alistair McGowan. (I recommend reading the older ones too though they are a bit dated now). Also, if you want to get into more adult reading, when I was about 11, I was hooked on the James Herriot vet books, which are very funny, starting with 'It shouldn't Happen to a Vet'. I'm so pleased to find that some one is holding the torch up for reading and look forward to reading more of your blog.

  2. Thanks for replying. I'm really excited about the blog. I will go online to the library and see if they have the books.They sound good. Thanks again

  3. Hello Matthew, I also found out about your blog from Twitter. Like your mum and Dad I used to read to my son at bedtime we read all the Harry Potter books that were out at the time when he was young. ( He is 22 now so read some on his own). Reading is a brilliant thing and also helps with your writing too. How can you diss the Biff & Chip books -they were great- I was so disappointed we never got to read them all as my son went onto a different reading scheme .Books to recommend- Tolkien is good would try the Hobbit first though, Adrian Mole books for a laugh,Narnia Chronicles. Also would recommend listening to books on CD - great for settling you down at bedtime. My son had the Lord of the Rings radio set . Might be worth seeing if you can borrow then from the library though as they were expensive. Have great fun reading and good luck with your blog.

  4. Hi Matthew, I got really into reading when I was about ten, and it's turned into an enduring love. I also loved James Herriot's books. Also The Silver Sword about a boy who travel across Europe on his own during the second world war, and The Summer of My German Soldier about a girl in the American deep south who befriends a German prisoner of war. (must have got my love of war stories from my Dad.). Happy reading and good luck with the blog. Claire

  5. Well done Matthew, this is just fab!

    Love the fact that you couldn't fit your reccomendations into just a Top 5!

    Keep up the good work and all the best :)

  6. Matthew, Great blog, keep it up! Listening now to your mum on Jim Hawkins show. Reading books are better than watching movies as the visual effects are better ;) Great work.

  7. I would really recommend the Septimus Heap books by Angie Sage. The first one is Magyk. They are really exciting, so good that they are planning a film soon.

  8. Hi Matthew, I love your blog. I'm a school librarian in a primary school and I'm always on the look out for new recommendations for books to add. I hadn't heard of The Fire Within and it sounds great so after your recommendation I'm adding it to our wish list. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

    1. I'm on the third one out of six. It is really good so try and get them into your library.

    2. Thanks, I will, I'm sure they will be very popular. I'm reading Goblins by Philip Reeve at the moment and would highly recommend that- it's full of imaginative and funny details and great characters.