Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Meet the authors!

Have you got a chance to meet an author? If you have take it, I've met several, Alan Gibbons, Ian Whybrow, Lucy Hawking and more!

Alan Gibbons
Alan Gibbons is a very funny character and he has written some very good books. Once he came to my school and told us about his books. He then asked us to write a mini story which we did. He told us he was a really rubbish speller which I thought was funny for an author. With his help our class wrote some really good mini stories. He has written some award winning books, and here is a link to a website about him:
Lucy Hawking
Lucy Hawking is the daughter of Professor Stephen Hawking the great scientist. I went to hear her give speech in late 2011 where she was talking about space and aliens. She talked about the books she has written, George's Secret Key to the Universe, George's Galactic Treasure Hunt and George and the big bang. She signed a book for me and I have read them all which are brilliant if you want easier to understand information about space and the universe. Here is a website about her:
Ian Whybrow
I don't know much about Ian Whybrow because I was only 5 when I went to see him, but I do know that he has written loads of  books such as Harry and the Dinosaurs (I read these to my 5 year old brother), Meerkat Madness, Books for Boys and more! Here is a link to a website about him:   
I was supposed to go and see Mackenzie Crook the actor from Pirates of the Caribbean but he had to cancel because of filming he had to do. It was disappointing as the book Windvale Sprites is really good. I'm hoping he might decided to come to Shrewsbury again sometime. Here is a link if you want to look
All of these books and authors are recommended, but the books didn't quite make it in to my top five (I mean six!). 



  1. Hi Matthew

    I was on the radio after your Mum yesterday talking about blogging and how cool it is! Your Mum will tell you about what I do but I just wanted to congratulate you on your blog! It's just FANTASTIC! Please keep it up. I'm going to share your blog with quite a few people including Alan Gibbons so you never know - he may even comment!

    Well done and keep it up!

    Mr. Mitchell

  2. Great start to your blog. I think you should change the link for Alan Gibbons webisite to his blog Why not leave him a comment, I'm sure he'll get in touch back.