Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Today has not been a very nice day at school due to two boys who have decided to bully me. Its been going on for a few weeks but today has been a bad day. This is a list of all the things that the bullies have done to me:
  •  I've been called weird because I don't have an xbox or a  game called Halo. They also say I'm not cool because of this and laugh at me
  • At school we did projects on habitats and somebody brought some cactus in, and they started touching them. They stared to say things like "touch the cactus" and when I said no they started to say "your scared", I still refused and then afterwards they couldn't get the spikes out and they stared to sink in.
  • They both have alter egos for example at break we were playing tag and when I was "it". They both came up to me and said "tag me". I know better because they are either going to trip me up then tag me while I'm on the ground or tag the other bully and whisper "go and tag Matthew" And the person who got whispered to would trip me up. This has happened today. I have been tripped up a few times today
  • We have a school council at our school and one of the bullies was saying "don't vote for Matthew" and guess what? I didn't get elected for anything, all thanks to him. 

There are a lot of other things that they have done to me, but if I wrote all of them this post would be a mile long. All I want to do is go to school, enjoy myself and be left alone. I don't do this to others and I don't know why they have started picking on me. They know I won't do anything back, even though I want to.

There is one in particular that I want to go and tell him what I really think of him (which has nothing good in it), but he'll just go and tell the teacher what I said. I feel as if I tell the teacher I will be dobbing them in and it will be worse. It's really frustrating but my parents are sorting it out. I don't feel like going to school when things are like this so I hope its sorted quick.

If you think this bullying is wrong please comment. If you are doing this to someone then please stop. The person you are doing it to will be upset, sad and probably scared. Its really mean and cruel.


  1. well done mate,it's hard to write about bad experiences,you've done a good job.As you get older you'll see that the bullies are 'weird' and out of place,they channel their problems and aggression at decent people like yourself.In the long run they'll be found out for the shallow creatures they really are.Sadly bullying is everywhere,at least people like you bravely bring it to the spotlight,believe me there are many grown adults that would shy away from this.I'm lucky never to have been bullied as boy or man,probably due to my physical size,but it's easier to cut these people to sizewith a sharp tongue or clever retort than physical force.It may not seem it now but eventually this will end maybe sooner than you think,parents are a great support.Anyway I enjoyed your style of writing brave ,frank,honest Always remember you're better than these lads and they know it too in the long run you'll come out best.Take care Matthew

  2. Your blog is great and very interesting. I think the bullies at your school are probably just envious of you because you are interested in different things to them and have been given attention because of your great blog. I hope you can rise above their behaviour and hopefully they will get bored soon and stop. I was bullied when I was a young schoolgirl so I know it's not easy to deal with and I wish you lots of luck. Your parents must be very proud of you, I know I would be.

  3. Hi Matthew,
    I love your blog! I'm sorry you're having a rough time in school at the moment - you've written your day so well ... that must be because you're a brilliant reader! I hope today is better than yesterday :o) There are lots of people that talk about being bullied years and years after it happened so for you to be doing this as it's happening is very bold & a great thing! Everyone I know that has bought an XBox for their kids regrets it - all it seems to do is cause arguments, tiredness and stops family fun!
    I read every night to help me go to sleep and love it ... I escape into another world and any problems from the day are shoved out of the way - bliss!
    I hope you've got a great book on the go at the moment that you can escape with :o)
    Look forward to reading more of your blog,