Sunday, 14 October 2012

Book of the week 14th of October 2012

The Fire Eternal
This book is  the fourth book in The Last Dragon Chronicles series (as seen on my top 5 books) and is filled with jokes, horror, mysteries not to mention cliff hangers.
Back in he third book (Fire Star) David Rain (the main character) mysteriously disappeared into the arctic waters. David has a become bestselling author in Scrubbley where he used to live but  The Fain, which is the alien life form that David defeated in the last book, have returned but what are they planning?  Has David survived the freezing arctic waters? Can he ever return home?
Who knows, you'll have to read the book to read the book to find out. I can't put these books down because they always leave you on a cliff hanger and I just want to know what happens!

If you are looking for horror, comedy, mystery, romance and a bit of animal fiction give these a try.

These are pictures of the whole series

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 3                                                                                       4                                             
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