Saturday, 6 October 2012

You don't have to just read stories

It isn't just stories you can read there is also annuals, comics ( which my mum complains about the price) , poem and joke books and more! I like annuals because you get them at Christmas and there is loads of things to do it them to keep you going for a while. I also like poems. You can always have a go a writing a poem. It doesn't have to rhyme.

Here are some poems I like which are funny:

Cool at the Pool

Roll my muscles
Round the swimming pool
Make the girls goggle
Feel real cool.

Flex my pecs
Swagger and pose
Look real tough
Look down my nose.

Walk to the deep end
They all stare
My red shiny trunks
My real trendy hair.

Stand on the diving board
Think I'll jump in
Just one problem
I can't swim.

By David Harmer

Who's who?

Jemima Pugh never knew
a crocodile from an alligator.
So poor Miss Pugh didn't have a clue
which wriggled up the bank and ate her.

By Alison Chisholm

Artificial Hip-Hop

Granny's groovy, Granny's cool,
she runs the discos at my school:
wrinkly reggea, blue-rinse rock,
false-teeth techno. Quite a shock,
she swings her zimmer-frame around:
"DJ Senior Citizen of Sound".
Artificial hip-hop bobbing,
spins like a 12". Never stopping,
turns her hearing-aid to LOUD;
this pensioned-punk makes me feel proud
she runs the disco at my school.
Granny's groovy, Granny's cool.

By Mike Johnson

Look at all of these!

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